The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

The FSC® is a global organization with offices in over 46 countries. For over a decade, the FSC® has strived to promote responsible forest management worldwide.

FSC: Forest Stewardship Council, The Mark of Responsible Forestry

As a FSC® Chain of Custody Company, we have the ability to monitor the complete process from when and how the lumber is cultivated and harvested to how it gets shipped to your job site. When the FSC® label is attached to a wood product it provides the most credible link between responsible production and consumption. The Forest Stewardship Council enables both businesses and consumers the choice of making the most responsible purchasing decisions that benefit the people and our environment.

If you are pursuing a LEED certification, rest assured that we can supply you with our FSC® Certification so that your project gets approved by LEED and the United States Green Building Council in a timely manner. Whether you are trying to gain a LEED credit (e.g. MRc7 and MRc5) for your green building project, or you just want to build an eco-friendly deck, we have available to our customers the widest variety of certified FSC® wood, from the strongest FSC® Ipe Decking boards to rough FSC® lumber.

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The Forest Stewardship Council® ( FSC® ) is the only forest certification system that is supported by all major environmental groups. FSC® is renowned for its rigorous inspection of lumber mills to meet their stringent standards. Each operation is controlled by the FSC® once a year to make sure they comply with FSC® standards.

In fact, builders who want their green building to receive a highly coveted LEED certification often turn to our selection of decking that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®. Two LEED credits that many green construction projects aim for are the MRc5 and the MRc7 credit.

At, we offer four unique decking species that are certified by The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). Our FSC® Certified Decking Material is a great choice for your home which has been responsibly harvested so it is also a great choice for our planet.